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Dear Reader,

    The Narrative Press publishes only true, first-person accounts of historical adventure and exploration. We now publish over 100 titles – all are high-quality, newly-typset paperbacks.

    Most of these adventures are classics, about people and places now long gone. They take place all over the world – in Africa, South America, the Arctic and Antarctic, in America, on islands everywhere, and on the open seas.

    Some of our authors are famous – Ernest Shackleton, Kit Carson, Henry Stanley, David Livingston, John Muir, Richard Burton, Teddy Roosevelt, Charles Darwin, Jack London, and Buffalo Bill, just to name a few.

    Every one of these books is a great story, and every one of them is true: the author is a real person who is telling us what he saw, did, and felt under extraordinary circumstances.


Vickie Zimmer
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